Playlist: Sounds Like a Road Trip

Playlist: Sounds Like a Road Trip

Music is crucial when I travel, especially when I’m by myself. Navigating crowds in the airport or road trips both require music for different reasons. Either you need to escape the chaos around you or the music is there to contribute to the experience. Many memories I have of travelling includes a soundtrack. Whenever I listen to those songs again in the future, it brings me right back to that moment in time.

I’m that person who always wants to be the DJ in a car or at a party and I tend to get compliments with the playlists I create, so I thought I’d share them here with you! Feel free to follow me on Spotify so you can listen to the many playlists I’m also creating/updating.

Sounds Like a Road Trip
The first playlist I’m sharing is (what I think) perfect for when you need to just hit ‘play’ and cruise. Whether your singing along to it or playing it in the background. I’ve compiled this playlist of some of my favourite songs (most of which happen to be Canadian!). Buckle up and have a listen and who knows, maybe you’ll discover some new artists who will become your favourites too!


Playlist: Sounds Like a Road Trip

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